The only true network founded by a group of established & globally recognised NVOCCs

The only true network founded by a group of established & globally recognised NVOCCs


There is a saying, “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. I believe a strong network built based on trust among us, we can achieve both. Many aspects are required to be successful. Some are within our control, some are not. We cannot control luck but we have control over Knowledge and Opportunity. UCONNECT will enable us to learn from one another to increase our Knowledge and more importantly provide a platform to facilitate Opportunities to work with one another.

I cannot emphasize the importance of network within our industry. A strong network lays the foundation for long term success. To strengthen our business, it is imperative that we have to strengthen our network. We can never be where we are now without network, so imagine the possibilities if we have the ability to combine our network as one. If we akin ourselves to spiders and the environment we operate in as a garden, then our

network is our web. A single spider can only spin that limited amount of web to cover a small area of a garden. But if a team of exclusively selected spiders with a common goal and drive come together and combine their web, the garden is for their taking. UCONNECT offers us this platform to connect our webs together to allow us to go both fast and far.

We are faced with new challenges each year, and will continue to face more with

the ever unpredictable and fast changing global market. Relying only on our existing web will only get us this far; to grow, we need to strengthen the existing and push into new boundaries. It is therefore almost imperative that we establish UCONNECT at this juncture, because if we don’t, others will and we will lag behind.

Kind regards,
Mr. Stephen Sim

Director & Co-Founder



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